Located in SW Virginia, New River Polymers is a recycling processor that specializes in post-industrial waste.

New River Polymers has over seventeen years of experience in the recycling marketplace. We specialize in post-industrial recycling, and do business both domestically and internationally. Our mission is to provide customers and suppliers the highest quality products and services, and to build mutually beneficial long-term relationships. In an industry based on transactional relationships, we take pride in on our commitment to service and our long-term approach.

What We Do

New River Polymers wants to partner with you to keep our country green through recycling efforts!

Our primary business is buying and reprocessing recyclable plastic scrap, but buying scrap is only one part of our service. We consult manufacturing facilities on waste reduction through recycling, and help you identify measures that can be taken to reduce the amount of waste your organization generates.

  • NRP works with clients from the beginning to maximize revenues from their scrap and transforming materials in the most recyclable form, while connecting material to a buyer that has ongoing need for the material.
  • We pick up plastic and other types of scrap from any location in the United States, Canada or South America so that you no longer have the burden of disposing these materials. Let us turn your waste into revenue for you and valuable material that you or another company can use to make a wide variety of new products.

Here’s what we provide to you:

  • Free consultation over the phone or at your site.
  • A complete range of materials and services.
  • Custom programs to meet your needs









Main Office

Hours: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

(276) 266- 3072


Mike Phillips: Chief Operating Officer

e: newriver@swva.net

Christene Cox: Purchasing and Sales

e: christene.newriver@swva.net 

Mollie Crook: Logistics Manager

e: mollie.newriver@swva.net







57 Industrial Park Drive Hillsville, VA 24343